Why I only use Argentium 93.5% Sterling Silver despite it costing a bit more than regular 92.5% Sterling Silver:

GermaniumArgentium 93.5% Sterling Silver (developed in the 1990's) is the Premium Sterling Silver of our day. Not only does it contain more pure silver than regular 92.5% Sterling, but because of its 1% rare alloy content, Germanium, it contains the most bright brilliant white silver shine of all the white metals. Also it is very resistant to tarnishing, at about 18 the rate of regular Sterling Silver.

silver barsArgentium Sterling Silver is extremely durable and its composition allows me to kiln harden each piece I make. Hardened Argentium Sterling Silver allows the clip to maintain shape, thus its tight grasp on your money and credit cards. When you temper/heat-harden 93.5% Argentium Sterling Silver in a kiln you change the molecular structure so it becomes hard, more like steel--the opposite of soft regular 92.5% Sterling Silver which bends easily, becomes loose, and stretches very fast. Plus, after bending over and over, may crack and even break. However, my clips made with only the best Argentium Sterling Silver are resistant to bending and will not crack or break, ever, guaranteed!!

So to sum it all up, because of Argentium Sterling Silver's Superior quality & incredible properties I will not use anything less.

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