About me

Hello, I'm Lisa, an artist & silversmith. I'm expanding my skills everyday. In the last several years I've made over 600 money clips, bracelets, pendants, and keychains by hand. All the money clip images on this website are my creations so you can see the quality of my work.

All SterlingSilverMoneyClips.com products are solid silver or solid gold. I will not work with any faux or base metals of any kind. I make only premium high-end heirloom quality money clips. I make all of the items one at a time, I do not mass-produce, but I can make sets. Everything is handmade. I make items for any occasion--holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Father's Day, groomsmen, etc.

I look forward to expanding my skills and serving my customers. My goal is to make a superior product, and to offer a superior shopping experience.