Your clip can be easily personalized with the addition of initials. They are hand-stamped with an old typewriter look & feel. There are a variety of locations they can be added, just note that when stamping each one leaves an indent on the reverse. Any non-hammered clip should have them positioned to have this indent on an unseen area. If unsure, please message me for options. These initials, like my other stamps, can only be added to custom clips as the stamping happens early on in the process. If you see an already-made clip that you'd like this added to, contact me to have it replicated with your personalization. Here are a sampling of the variety of custom initialed clips I've made over the years:

Phantom Silver Smith hand-stamped initials added to clips

The standard letter size seen above is 18" (3 mm). If you wish for something more bold, or a larger project, I also have 14" (6 mm) and 38" (9 mm) seen respectively:

Phantom Silver Smith hand-stamped larger letters for bigger projects and bolder letters

These larger sizes can also work for a monogram style if you prefer the larger last name initial in the middle (please specify when inquiring):

Phantom Silver Smith hand-stamped monogram style letters for bolder look

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