Making Marks

You may have noticed a variety of stamps on my money clips. These Maker's Marks are my mark as an artist, but they can bring a personalized look. The Phantom Shield is my trademark stamp, but I have a wide range that you can refer to when ordering custom pieces:

Phantom Silver Smith Makers Marks

*These photos are not sized relative to each other. The Bicycle, Bitcoin, Compass Rose, Elephant, Mushroom, Sun, & Tree are larger than the rest; and the Anchor, Crown, Cross Pattée, & Shamrock are a little smaller.*

A fineness stamp, commonly known as a Hallmark, is on everything so you know you have a true precious metal piece. My earlier money clips have 925, as there were no 935 stamps. So of course I had one made! Now all of mine have 935 for their solid Argentium Sterling Silver. I also have a USA Origin stamp.

Silver Hallmarks and USA Origin Mark

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