Want to make a Custom Sterling Silver Money Clip?

Proudly made in the USA!

I use only the best Argentium 935 Sterling Silver for my money clips. for more information. *Note as of 15 Nov 2022: Argentium is transitioning to a new 940 formula starting January 2023. Current supplies of 935 are limited. Ultra Thick 14 Gauge is no longer available until the new formula. Super Thick 16 Gauge is only in what I have left, no Full Fold length. Thick 18 Gauge is still in stock.*

1) If you already have an idea for a custom money clip and you're ready to get started, and I'll work with you to bring your idea to life. Wish to personalize it? See this blog post for examples.

2) If you're lacking inspiration and need some ideas, visit my for pages full of incredible money clip photos.

3) I will give you a quote & a timeline for your project, and wait for your confirmation of the quote.

4) An invoice will be emailed to you with multiple payment options: Paypal Invoice; or this website's custom invoicing for Credit, Debit, Cryptocurrencies, etc. Other forms of payment can be discussed on a one-to-one basis if needed.

5) Lastly, I will complete your clip and ship USPS Signature Delivery with tracking. I also offer UPS & FedEx options.

News — technique



A variety of contouring can be found on my money clips to give a distinct look.

Here you can see the backs contoured in 3 different ways: lower, mid, and upper...

Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane

Mokume-gane is a Japanese procedure producing a variety of unique patterns from layers of mixed metals. I use 935 Argentium Sterling Silver & Copper Mokume-gane...